Does it need ink to print?

No, not at all. Paperang is a thermal printer, which means it uses heat instead of ink or ribbon to print. Therefore, all you ever need to replace, is the paper.


How do I replace the paper?

Check the arrow indication on the left side of your Paperang, and slightly push the cover downward to open it. Once it opens, simply replace or adjust the paper. Easy peasy.


What paper is supported?

Paperang supports 57mm x 30mm basic thermal paper, label thermal paper and sticker thermal paper. Each roll prints an average of 50 prints. Yeah. Better get printing.

Can I print colour pictures?

Yes! Paperang supports black, pink and blue colour printing, you just need to purchase the desired ink colour printing roll specifically.


How big is the printer:

It is a hand-sized printer. This makes it easy to take it anywhere with you.


Charging instructions:

Any Micro-USB adapter is capable of charging your Paperang, however you do receive a free one with your purchase.

Your Paperang can print four rolls of paper after being fully charged. Only then will it need recharging. Each roll prints an average of 50 prints.


How do I use the Paperang app?

  1. Download the β€œPaperang” app for free from your Google Play Store or App Store.
  2. Register an account and login.
  3. Click β€œ+” (Add device) and make sure your Bluetooth is turned on on your phone/tablet/computer.
  4. Search and connect to your new device.
  5. Play around on the app with its many fun features and press print when you ready. Voila.