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    Print anything you want, right from your phone, in a matter of seconds!

    But why the Paperang P2?

    • New elegant design
    • Improved 48hr battery life
    • Print quality has increased to 300 dpi (dots per inch) in comparison to the P1 at 200 dpi
    • Choose from 3 levels of print intensity

    The Paperang P2 was released after we saw the success of our Paperang P1 printer. We decided to make it bigger and better than before. By adding more dpi (dots per inch), making it 300 dpi, we were able to create an even more extraordinary print effect with the P2.

    The battery has also been optimised by 50% so you can now print up to 6 full rolls of printing paper before needing to recharge.

    What’s even cooler about the P2 is that the aperture (English please, the big circle thing around the ‘lens’) is replaceable and comes in various cool and colourful designs!

    ✅ Capture every moment – Print any memory or photo directly from your phone in an instant.

    ✅ Get more organized – With instant to-do lists, sticky notes, labels or shopping lists.. It’s time you bring your organizational levels up a notch!

    ✅ Ink-less – No ink needed.. Ever. That’s because the printer uses heat to print. While others would say it’s magic.

    ✅ Portable and convenient – With its pocket size and built-in battery, there is no reason you can’t be printing at anytime from anywhere.

    ✅ Easy to use – Simply connect to any smartphone via Bluetooth and begin printing! 

    Paperang P2 is a compact printer specifically designed to print any photos or texts instantly from your smartphone via Bluetooth, anytime, anywhere.

    The best part? It uses thermal printing which means it doesn't need any ink to print. This is possible because your printer uses heat to print onto the paper!

    It's fastereasiermore convenient and way more affordable than any other form of instant printing out there! Each paper roll can print an average of 50 prints on its own. Better get printing yeah?

    We’ve also made sure the battery will last so you never get caught off guard! Once your battery is full, your printer will be able to print up to 6 rolls of paper at a time and has a 48 hour battery life. Your Paperang is so powerful that it can print a picture within seconds.

    The Paperang printer is the world’s most versatile pocket printer. With its 57mm x 30mm printing width and 300dpi* definition, you’re not sacrificing quality for convenience.


    The Package includes:

    - The Paperang P2 Printer

    - 1x White Paper Roll Pre-Installed in Printer

    - 1x Charging Cable and Instruction Manual 

    🚚 Free Shipping to your door anywhere in South Africa.